Project Description
This project leverages the established standard of RSS 2.0, in allowing you to:

a) Expose SharePoint content in form of lists and document libraries as RSS. (Note: The out of the box RSS falls short on a few aspects, described elsewhere in the project description).
b) Expose SharePoint content, expressible as CAML queries, querying either a folder, or a list/doc lib, or an entire web app/site collection, as RSS.
c) Provides you with a webpart that aggregates any RSS Feed, and lets you specify any XSLT stylesheet to completely control the rendering of the content.

Example usecases:
1. Aggregate content between site collections, while impersonating as the logged in user ID.
2. Go to, put in a keyword, and get the RSS Feed of the news search results.
3. Aggregating SharePoint content in non-SharePoint platforms.


What is SPRSS?

Using CleanRSS.aspx

Some cool usage scenarios

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